Will hemp flower get me high or make me feel weird?

Hemp flower will not get you high. There is too little of an amount of THC, the compound that gets you high, to cause any psychoactive effects. Therefore you will not get high, however the other active compounds in hemp can create different sensations that you may or may not notice.

Will I fail a drug test?

Although there is very little THC in hemp, there is traceable amounts. If the test used is sensitive enough it could possibly detect THC in your system. If you are a daily hemp consumer it is even more likely. If you have a career with the possibility of testing that doesn't allow for any THC, I would recommend finding a product that has had the THC remediated.

Will hemp cure all that ails me?

Hemp is a wonderful plant with a lot of health and wellness benefits, it is not a cure all like some might hope. There is definitely a place for alternative medicine, supplements and of course a healthy lifestyle to achieve wellness. Modern medicine alike can be very helpful to people in need. Everyone is not going to respond the same way or have the same results with hemp. Our bodies are different and you may find that it doesn't work, but it also might be the best thing for you.

How quick will I receive my order?

Orders ship the next business day. Depending on where you are in the country determines how long shipping will take. Your order is being sent from MN.

Do you make any edible CBD products or supplements for people who don't like to smoke or make their own with Loon Land flower?

We are working on solventless extracted oil supplements and gel caps for easier consumption. We will be testing rigorously to make sure we have a process that produces consistent results to deliver the same milligrams each time. They will be available early next year (2021).

Is it illegal to ship the order to me or possess hemp?

No, our hemp is legal federally under the US Farm bill and any products will adhere to those guidelines to ensure you are in no way breaking any federal laws. Unfortunately a few states do not allow hemp and they really should update their laws. We will not ship any products to those states.